Study schedules

Schedules will appear by clicking the code of the study unit and then clicking the code of the implementation.

Open UAS

R0213 Developing Customer-oriented Business 10.0
R0212 Competence in Customer Relationships and Projects 10.0
R0261 Basics of Swedish 5.0
R0231 Business Environment in a Global Economy 5.0
R0217 Corporate Social Responsibility 5.0
01439 Current Developments and Innovations in Social and Health Care in Finland 5.0
R0083 Basics of Spanish 1 5.0
R0084 Basics of Spanish 2 5.0
A9526 Developing Smarter Cities 10.0
R0085 Finnish for Working Life 5.0
R0188 Structure and Functioning of the Human Body 5.0
A9143 Intermediate Finnish 5.0
R0233 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 1 5.0
R0258 Introduction to Finnish Language and Culture 2 5.0
TO00BN72 International Security 5.0
TO00BO40 Introduction to Beauty and Cosmetics 5.0
R0215 Leadership and Management 5.0
TO00BI89 Developing Leadership and Management 10.0
R0214 Profitable Business 10.0
TO00BN72 International Security 5.0
V1547 Enterprise Architecture and IT Governance 5.0
V1582 The Chemistry of Cosmetics 10.0
V1583 Cosmetics Legislation 5.0
R0397 Dietary Supplements in Cosmetics 5.0
R0394 Cosmetics Brand 10.0
V1664 The Basics of Criminology 5.0
R0367 Social Work with Children and Young People 10.0
TO00BN76 Business Continuity 5.0
R0209 Competence in Business 10.0
A9482 Management and Leadership 5.0
R0301 Market Entry 10.0
R0288 Marketing Communications 10.0
01440 Multicultural and Multidisciplinary Professional Competences 5.0
01465 New Technological Solutions and Innovations for Social and Health Care 5.0
R0211 Legal Competence 5.0
R0243 Professional Communication in English 5.0
R0183 Project Management and Communication 5.0
TO00BN74 Crime Prevention 5.0
TO00BN75 Risk, Safety and Security Management 10.0
R0118 Basics of German 1 5.0
R0219 Service Business Management 5.0
R0216 Service Design 10.0
A9132 Service-oriented Swedish 5.0
R0018 Social Sector Service System and Social Care Legislation 10.0
R0019 Exerting Influence in the Social Care Sector 5.0
TO00BL95 Mediation and Restorative Justice 5.0
R0013 Swedish for Bachelors of Business Administration 5.0
R0256 Consolidate your Communication Skills 5.0
V1584 Scientific Text Reading Skills 5.0
TO00BN70 Information and Cyber Security Management 10.0
HT00BN81 Information and Cyber Security 5.0
R0184 Research and Development Methods 5.0
R0096 Working Spanish 1 5.0
R0097 Working Spanish 2 5.0
B0231 Labour Law 5.0
R0230 Understanding Customer Behaviour 5.0
HT00BN80 Preparedness 5.0
R0123 Basics of Russian 1 5.0
R0124 Basics of Russian 2 5.0
HL00BN46 Legal Competence 5.0
R0210 Business Law 5.0
HT00BN79 Basics of Corporate Safety, Security and Risk Management 10.0
R000BN85 Pedagogical Competence in Early Childhood Education 10.0