Study schedules

This page offers only schedules. The descriptions for the study units and implementations are offered on the study unit offer page.

Below you can see the names and ECTS credits of the study units offered in each campus and degree programme. You must know which campus and degree programme you will be studying at. A study unit may have several implementations, so please refer to the study offer page in order to select the study unit implementation that is suitable for exchange students.

To view schedules for your preferred study unit implementation, first select the code of the study unit, then click the implementation code below it.

The study units which are fully online(no contact lessons) are all under "Laurea common". We recommend exchange students select a maximum of 10 ECTS of online studies.

Schedules will appear by clicking the code of the study unit and then clicking the code of the implementation.

Common Studies (exchange students)


Hyvinkää, Nursing (exchange students)


Hyvinkää, Service Business Management (exchange students)


Leppävaara / Business Information Technology (exchange students)


Leppävaara / Hospitality Management (exchange students)


Leppävaara / Safety, Security and Risk Management (exchange students)


Leppävaara / Service Business Management (exchange students)


Porvoo, Nursing (exchange students)


Tikkurila, Beauty and Cosmetics (exchange students)

Tikkurila, Business Information Technology (exchange students)


Tikkurila, Nursing and Social Services (exchange students)


Tikkurila, Service Business Management (exchange students)